About Bob

In the many years of working in public relations and communications for academic medicine at a major medical school and research center, I was often told by co-workers I should be doing voice overs. Eventually, I decided to take their advice and to do it!  Like many professions, the skills of a voiceover artist are part talent and natural ability, but also require practice and training. So to learn the ropes and hone my voiceover skills, I spent 18 months training extensively with a nationally recognized voice over professional and coach. You will find my voice to be warm, conversational as well as authoritative.  But don’t just take my word for it, take a listen to some of the demos below.  Thanks for listening and I would love to be the voice on your next project.

I have recorded outgoing voicemail messages for businesses, was the voice for the Home for the Holidays Parade in my adopted town of Ormond Beach, and one of the Achievements I am proudest of is my charitable work recording audio books for the blind.

Here is a sample of an audiobook demo:

Here are several of my latest commercial demos:<

Here are several of my latest narration demos:

I’m based in Daytona Beach, and I’m available to work in the following areas:

  • Voice Overs
  • Audio Books
  • Voice Mail Messages
  • Web Site Narration
  • Masters of Ceremonies

Call me for more information:


Or email me at: bob@bobpaynevoiceovers.com